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keira knightley movies challenge.

Keira Knightley Movies Icon Challenge
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Icon challenges for Keira Knightley movies.

This community, kkmovie_stills, is a sweet community founded on May 25, 2009 by lovethefakes. Its main purpose is to provide unique icon making challenges featuring the movies that star the talented British actress, Keira Knightley, inluding Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, The Duchess, and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.


1.Icons must be no more than the standard LJ size (100x100, 40kb) and accepted formats only include .png, .jpg, and .gif.
2. No animations whatsoever.
3. Maximum submission is three icons.
4. All icons submitted must remain anonymous. You CAN NOT post your icons to another community or journal until after the voting ends. All icons posted elsewhere before the voting ends will be cut.
5. No stealing of icons and claiming as your work. Disgraceful.

Votes will be counted by 1st choice (being 3 pts), 2nd choice (2 pts), and 3rd choice (1 pt). By the end, I will tally the points. Highest points claim the victory.

To join a challenge, you must join the community!

More info @ mod_stillness

How to Submit
To submit, you must comment the challenge post with your submission. I will not accept any submission given through message, outside comment, email, etc.
When posting, post with the icon image and the URL. As so:


Any questions or suggestions, comment or message me!

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