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angela loves the fakes

Challenge 1: The Duchess

Our new challenge is up a bit early this week! I'm afraid I might not have time tomorrow (Sunday) to post up the challenge so here it is.

I'm going to use three photos from The Duchess with Keira Knightley playing as Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire.

Closed. Please vote here.

- Do not use any other photos except the ones provided.
- Three entries per person
- No animation is allowed.
- Brushes, textures, blending etc. are allowed
- No pre-made icons, it all must be made by you.
- Must fit LJ standards: 100x100 px, 40 kb, and .jpg, .gif, or .png
- Do not post your entry icons in other communities until the voting ends and winners are announced.
- Comment this post with your submission.

Images (click for full view):

Deadline: Wednesday, June 10, 2008
Entries: 22
Tags: challenge001
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